QuickBooks Pro allows you to manage your business accounts simply and easily. It has all the features of SimpleStart and more. Step-up with Pro and take charge of your inventory, purchases and sales.


Core requirements: 

Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1 or Widows 8.1 update 1 (32-bit and 64-bit)

At least 2.4GHz Pentium processor for a Client

At least 2GB RAM for a Client, 4 GB RAM for Multiple-Users

2.5GB available disk space (Additional space required for Data Files)

Optimized for 1024x768 screen resolution or higher — extended monitor is supported

4x DVD-ROM drive, if installing from DVD

Online features require internet access

Product must be registered online or via agent

Integration with other software: 

Microsoft Word and Excel integration requires Office 2007, 2010, 2013, or Office 365 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Microsoft Outlook synchronisation requires QuickBooks Contact Sync for Office 2007 and 2010 (32-bit), available free online.

Email estimates, invoices and other forms with Windows Outlook, Outlook Express and Mozilla Thunderbird, as well as webmail services such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Hotmail.

Disk space requirements for additional software:

250MB for Microsoft .NET 4.0 Runtime, provided on the QuickBooks CD.

Multi-user access works with these operating systems:

Windows Server 2003 SP2 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, 2012 R2

Windows Small Business Server 2008/2011 (64-bit)

See how you're doing straight away, with QuickBooks Pro:



The new home page shows key data visually, so your business performance is front and centre when you open QuickBooks.

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Get started easily




PRO 2015


Get started quickly with step-by-step setup


Get started quickly

Intuitive, clean interface means using QuickBooks comes naturally

Get started in minutes with helpful tips and step-by-step tools

Includes 30 days of telephone support3



For Windows 8, 7 and Vista (Mac users try QuickBooks Online)

For Windows 8, 7 and Vista

QuickBooks 2015 works on computers running Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows Vista. Please check the full system requirements for QuickBooks desktop to make sure it can run on your PC.

If you use a Mac or another operating system like Linux, you may prefer QuickBooks Online. This cloud accounting software works on virtually any computer that has an internet connection.


30 days' free telephone support 3 and 60 day money back guarantee 2

QuickBooks Desktop includes 30 days of free telephone support as standard. If you need any assistance getting started with QuickBooks or using your accounting software then we're here.3


Share your accounts with multiple user access 4

Share your accounts

Allow more than one person to use QuickBooks at the same time. Makes it easier to get things done.

1, 3 or 5 users 4

1, 3 or 5 users 4

Import and export data to and from Word and Excel, and import Outlook contacts

Import and export data

Get going fast by importing your customer and supplier details instead of typing them in.

Import and export data from and to Microsoft Excel and Word

Import your contact list from Microsoft Outlook



Easy invoices and quotes

Create branded quotes and invoices and email as PDFs

Create and send quotes and invoices

Create branded quotes and invoices in moments, then email them directly to customers so you get paid faster.

Choose from ready-to-go templates

Add your logo and customise the design and layout

Email from QuickBooks, save as a PDF or print and post


Turn quotes into invoices in one step

Turn quotes into invoices

When it's time to invoice for a job you've completed, it's easy to turn your original quote into an invoice in a single step.

There's no need to enter or copy over any of the information from your quote. QuickBooks does it for you.


Batch invoicing - invoice several customers at once

Batch invoicing

If you have different customers receiving the same product or service, batch invoicing lets you invoice all of them together.

Create the invoice once, choose which customers to send it to, then wait for the money to roll in. You don't have to create each invoice separately, saving you time on every invoicing run.


Offer early payment discounts

Early payment discounts give clients an incentive to pay you faster.

QuickBooks makes them simple to manage. Just set your discount terms and it does the rest, tracking dates and recalculating tax for you.


Flexible pricing - determine discounts by customer, job, item or currency

Offer flexible discounts

Get more pricing freedom without having to manually calculate discounts and price levels.

Set discounts for specific customers or jobs

Change prices easily, whenever you need to

Offer special deals to match or beat competitors



Track time and highlight unbilled expenses before you invoice

Track time on every job

Make it easier to bill by the minute, hour or day.

Quickly and simply record the time you and your staff spend on different projects. You can see a breakdown of where the time’s going, or use the figures to plan future projects.

The real magic happens when you raise an invoice, because QuickBooks will automatically remind you about any time the client hasn’t yet been billed for.




Make light work of stressful accounting jobs

Automatically calculate and file VAT returns online with HMRC **UK ONLY

Easy VAT returns

Make tracking and filing VAT returns easy. No more last-minute rush to find crucial receipts or work out what you owe.

Create VAT returns in minutes, using data you’ve already entered

File VAT returns online – no forms, QuickBooks does it for you

Handle VAT adjustments via the VAT exception report


Works with Standard, Cash and Flat Rate VAT Schemes

Works with major VAT schemes

QuickBooks works with the major VAT schemes, including the Standard, Cash and Flat Rate Schemes.

This allows you to record all the VAT you pay and collect, view your VAT liability instantly — and file VAT returns online in a single step.

About Flat Rate VAT

The Flat Rate VAT scheme makes it easier for businesses to manage their VAT, if their turnover is below £150,000.

If you are allowed to use the Flat Rate VAT scheme (check with your accountant or HMRC) then you simply pay VAT as a percentage of your turnover. You don't have to calculate the difference between VAT you collect and VAT you pay.

(Not on the Flat Rate VAT scheme? You can keep on using all the other standard VAT functions too, of course.)


Create budgets


QuickBooks makes it easy to keep your sales and spending on track by creating budgets for your business - even if you've never done it before.

You can set monthly, quarterly and annual budgets, to track your performance and compare what actually happens to what you expected.


Build financial forecasts


Plan ahead effectively and anticipate future trends by creating financial forecasts for sales and expenses.

Forecasts enable you to create different scenarios and examine how they would affect your business.

For example, you can check the cost implications of taking on an extra member of staff, or see how losing a key client would affect your cash flow.




Understand your company's performance Improved

Track sales, expenses, profit and income


QuickBooks 2015 offers a variety of tools and reports to monitor your sales, expenses, profit and income - so you can stay on top of your business.


See your business dashboard on the QuickBooks home page New


The QuickBooks home page now shows key information about your business. It means you can check important figures in moments, without having to open other screens or reports.


Customise your home page with your company’s logo

Show information that’s most relevant to you

See profit, income, expenses, top customers, reminders and more


Create customised financial, sales and tax reports

Create customised reports

Reports have been redesigned for QuickBooks 2015 so they’re clearer and easier to read. They’ll help you make sense of all your financial data:

Browse the built-in library of reports

Generate reports in moments and customise to suit your company

See the overall picture or drill drown into figures by clicking reports

100+ (details)

135+ (details)

Attach multiple reports to emails New

Now you can set up QuickBooks to send you a single email with more than one report attached. This lets you stay up to date with your business without overwhelming your inbox.


Add summaries and comments to reports New

Add comments to reports

Sometimes, the numbers don’t tell the full story by themselves. In QuickBooks 2015, you can add customised summaries to reports, or add comments to give readers more context.


See how your business is performing with the Company Snapshot

See your Company Snapshot

See how your company's doing at a glance. The Company Snapshot shows the state of your business on a single screen.

See a clear, graphical overview of your company finances

Check who owes you money and what bills you need to pay

Key reminders tell you what you need to do next


View income information and unbilled hours with the Income Tracker Improved

Income Tracker

The new Income Tracker brings all your company’s income-related data into one place. See unbilled, unpaid, overdue and paid items — and take action to get your money faster.

New for QuickBooks 2015: the Income Tracker also shows unbilled time and expenses, and you can customise what else appears on the screen.

Clearly visualise your expected and received income

Identify unbilled work and send invoices from the Income Tracker

Highlight overdue payments and issue reminders instantly



Save time on everyday business tasks Improved

See all reminders and notifications in one place New

Reminders window

The new reminders window shows all your reminders and notifications in one place, so you can be sure you haven’t missed anything.


Easily track your sales leads in the Lead Centre

Track sales leads

Make the most of every sales lead with the Lead Centre. Record details of potential customers and ensure you follow up every opportunity.

Log and track sales leads — mark them hot, warm or cold

Pull up prospect details in seconds when they call

Convert a lead into a customer without re-entering information


Calendar view for tasks, bills, invoices and transactions

Calendar view

See important tasks and transactions day-by-day on your QuickBooks calendar. It's easier to understand than scribbled notes in a desk diary:

Quickly scan items at a glance

See your to-do list in calendar format

View overdue items in a single list


Handle foreign currencies

Handle multiple currencies

Trade in over 145 currencies just as easily as you do in pounds sterling.

Work with international customers in their own currencies

Convert back using the latest exchange rates, downloaded automatically

Understand gains and losses caused by rate fluctuations


Attach documents and files to QuickBooks transactions

Attach files to transactions

Attach documents and files to your transactions in QuickBooks, so you don't have to hunt for supporting materials.

For instance, you can attach scanned copies of your receipts to a customer invoice, or a sub-contractor's estimate to a client quote.


Organise all your data with Customer, Supplier and Employee Centres

Organise all your data

Find what you need faster, with easy access to important information about customers, suppliers and employees on three key screens:

The Customer Centre lets you find and view information about all customers

With the Supplier Centre, drill down into detailed supplier information

If you have our optional Payroll package, view the Employee Centre too


Pin notes to customer, supplier and employee records New

Add notes to records

Pin notes to specific customer, supplier or employee records, so you see them as soon as you open that record.

It’s a good way to highlight important information about a particular person or business.


Manage the money you're owed with the Payment Snapshot

Payment Snapshot

The Payment Snapshot gives you real-time information about payments to your business.

Customise the snapshot to show the things that matter most to you, including:

The status of unpaid invoices and payment reminders

Which customers owe you money

Recent transactions and accounts receivable


Assess customers at a glance with the Customer Snapshot

Assess customers at a glance

The Customer Snapshot gives you a clear, comprehensive view of a single customer:

Assess their purchase history

See how long they usually take to pay – and if they owe anything at the moment

Tell if they're a top customer, so you can prioritise accordingly


Track stock, set re-order points and create purchase orders

Track stock

Keep tabs on your stock levels from within your accounting software:

View accurate stock levels for products and components

Don't run out - get prompted to reorder when stocks fall

Create purchase orders to send to suppliers


Create back orders, set aside stock for invoicing and convert units of measure

Advanced stock features

When you’re out of stock of an item, QuickBooks will let you create back orders, so customers can still place an order.

QuickBooks can also cope with different units of measure. For instance, if you run a bar, you might buy wine by the case but sell it by the bottle and by the glass.



Stay in touch with customers and your accountant Improved

Create customised email templates with your branding


Create customised email templates

Create a professional impression by sending branded, consistent emails from QuickBooks.

It's easy to set up email templates for common messages, like when you send an invoice or a quote to a customer.

You can add your company logo, graphics and change font sizes and styles.


Insert customer details into emails — and track email history


Email functions and history

Whether you're emailing an invoice or other document to a client, or just sending them a message, you can automatically insert their details into the body of the email. This makes messages more tailored and personable, creating a good impression of your business.

QuickBooks also keeps track of all emails you send from the software, so you have a complete record of who said what, when.


Easily add supporting documents to emails


Add supporting documents to emails

If you need to send a supporting document to a client — like a timesheet to accompany an invoice — you can attach it to an email in a single step.


Send company file to accountant via cloud services 5 New


Easily send company file

QuickBooks 2015 makes it easier than ever to send your accounts to your accountant.

QuickBooks connects directly to popular file-sharing services – including Dropbox and Google Drive — so you can easily share figures with your accountant.


Important pricing terms, offer details and disclosures

1.      All prices shown exclude VAT.

2.      If you are not fully satisfied, return the product to Intuit within 60 days with a dated receipt for a full refund of your purchase price, excluding postage and packing. ** UK ONLY

3.      QuickBooks support is included for 30 consecutive days from first-time registration. First-time registration must be completed within 90 days of purchase. UK only, see terms and conditions.

4.      First user is included; requires purchase of a licence for each additional user, up to 5 licences for QuickBooks Pro and up to 5 licences for QuickBooks Premier. All users must be on the same year version of QuickBooks.

5.      Requires use of a third-party shared folder that utilises an internet service.

Terms, conditions, pricing, features, service and support are subject to change without notice.

Customer & Supplier Centre.Multiple Users¹. Pro will not only enable you to manage your inventory but it will also allow up to 5 multiple users to work on a company file simultaneously (with the purchase of additional user licenses).


  Customer & Supplier Centre. View customer balances and (or) transactions at a glance for all customers & suppliers.

Document Centre. By scanning or copying documents into this centre, you’ll be able to send multiple attachments when emailing customers or suppliers from QuickBooks. The Document Centre also allows for quick access to important documents pertaining to customers and suppliers, which will save a lot of time by eliminating unnecessary file searches.


  New: Favourites menu. Create your own menu with transactions that you access regularly.
Lead Centre. Enter follow-up notes for sales leads and contacts that can be converted to customers.  

New: Accountant Copy. Set QuickBooks Pro to save accountants copies or portable company files in your local Dropbox folder.


Improved: Income Tracker Managing your receivables has never been easier! The Income Tracker boasts with a real-time data interface allowing you to take necessary action when it comes to following up payments, closing open quotes or invoicing unbilled services.   New: Insights. Monitor the health of your business by studying and printing graphs pertaining to sales, expenses, items and previous year to date comparisons.
    New: Comments on Reports. Make comments next to amounts on reports for file review or strategic discussions.
1.QuickBooks Statement Writer requires MS Excel 2007 and 2010 (2013 not supported).
  • Items and Services. Setup stock parts, non-stock parts, services and other charges with QuickBooks Pro. The item list can also be imported from Excel together with customer and supplier information.
......... Classes. Introduce cost centers to QuickBooks Pro and track Profit and Loss by class. Use classes to track budget versus actual expenditure for projects, branches or events.
  • Stock Adjustments. Print stock-take worksheets and enter new quantities on hand in QuickBooks Pro. Easily correct unit values without changing quantities using the item value adjustment.

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